On episode 16 of Home Impodcast, Adam and Jordan discuss the puzzling “Jill’s Birthday.” They ponder whether or not it is acceptable to forget a significant other’s bday, go behind the scenes with an article from Mental Floss, and discuss waist sizes. We also find out what game show they consider to be “hands down” the best.

The episode can be downloaded here. It is also available on iTunes.

One thought on “Episode 16 – Jill’s Birthday

  1. I know u didn’t care for the episode but it brought up alot for me to comment on. First, my birthday. Not a big deal ever to me. But cards from my kids were always treasured. Later, the older brothers got the cards, store bought, and everyone signed them . Chores being done and time spent together were the gifts I appreciated the most. I would go with Tim being a size 32-34 waist. So let’s say 33. His show now, I would guess 34. So I compare that way. I also watch last man standing. Did u know Patricia Richardson was a straight laced military person on i think USA Network in later years? It was on about 3 yrs. A different character for her. I have seen her guest star on such shows as law and order and last man standing too. You left out Richard Dawson as family feud host. Now deceased. I like Steve Harvey doing it now. I think gene Rayburn is the tv host u meant, not gene rodenberry. I think he worked on star trek. My favorite game show is millionaire. They have for sure had hosts I don’t like though. Good thing the game is what I really like, not the host. So good to hear your voices each wed. Makes me nostalgic. Did u know this week is homecoming for Davison? They r undefeated. Should be a good night. Love u both!☺


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