Sponsor Us

The Home Impodcast is now accepting sponsorships! Podcasting has become one of the biggest new forms of media out there next to TV, Radio, and other online entertainment. With a podcast sponsorship, you gain intimate access to a loyal, captivated audience. Check out the details on how it works below.

Facts About the Show

  • About 850 downloads a month
  • Over 8000 downloads in the past year
  • Hosting weekly for the last year
  • Advertising spots available for 3 slots during the show

Why Sponsor the Podcast?

  • Captive Audience – Studies show that audio spots are much more likely to be listened to than a print spot is to be read.
  • Staying Power –  Many other outlets are flooded with several ads making it easy to blend into the crowd. We only allow two companies or products to advertise per show.
  • Double Exposure – Since we have a post for each podcast, you get both airtime and space on the post.
  • Long Term Visibility – Because you get a mention on the podcast page and episode, your sponsorship will remain online for new listeners long after the initial air date. When future readers/listeners discover that particular post or episode, they will see your sponsorship.

What Do You Get With A Sponsorship?

  • Pre-roll message at the beginning of every episode you sponsor that mentions your product or service
  • Either a post or mid-roll message in every episode, detailing greater information about your product or service
  • Mention on every show notes page of every episode you sponsor, including your logo and site link

How Do You Become a Sponsor?

Reach out to us at homeimpodcast@gmail.com to get started.