Halloween Spooktacular!

As a special final treat, we celebrate Halloween in style by recording our very own Halloween Spooktacular. Enjoy two scary stories read by yours truly. With music and sound it effects, it is sure to put everyone in the spooky spirit. Listen here.

August Heat: http://www.101bananas.com/library2/augustheat.html 

Piece on Earth: https://smile.amazon.com/Piece-Earth-Christmas-Horror-Mystery/dp/B08JDTKF87 

Special thank you to our Music/Sound Effect Credits:






Episode 204 – Series In Summation

On the final episode of Home Impodcast, we take a long stroll down memory lane. Lists, countdowns, questions, tweets, tears, heartfelt goodbyes, it’s all here in the “Series in Summation” coverage.

The episode is available for download here.

To you, our amazing listeners – we say thanks for a great 4.5 years. Without your love, support, and kindness we’d probably have stopped long ago… or worse, we’d have ended up like frickin’ Grunt Work.