Episode 190 – Home Alone

Episode 190 has us talking about the worst Home Improvement episode ever made (per IMDB) “Home Alone.” Topics discussed include: sports, inner monologues, and whether or not this actually is the worst episode we’ve ever covered.

The episode is available for download here.

Episode 178 – Adios

This week on Home Impodcast…we say goodbye to Randy (sort of) with our coverage of “Adios.” Other topics include: “The Last Dance,” Mark’s video tapes, and why JTT left the show.

The episode can be downloaded here.

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Big Trouble – Bonus Episode

With COVID-19, people are being encouraged to participate in social distancing and stay indoors. These are, somewhat, uneasy times for all of us as we try to limit our exposure to the outside world while not losing our minds from boredom. To help pass the time, we’re dropping a few of our Patreon bonus episodes to the main feed. We hope these might help listeners pass the time and provide some entertainment during the coming days and weeks.

This episode is on the 2002 Tim Allen film “Big Trouble.” It is available for download here.

Episode 151 – The Kiss & The Kiss-Off

Episode 151 has us saying goodbye to season six with the pretty solid “The Kiss & and The Kiss-Off.” Topics discussed include: haters, Pamela Anderson in 1997, and Randy getting Randy.

Stay tuned after the show for our season in summation coverage wherein we talk top and bottom three episodes, favorite guest stars, and season MVP.

The episode is available here.

Thanks for continually joining us on this ride!

Episode 144 – Something Old, Something Blue

In one of our shortest episodes to date, wedding bells are ringing…or are they are? We’re talking Something Old, Something Blue this week! Other topics include: rotten days, Al’s dream woman, and weddings.

The episode is available for download here.

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William O’Leary Interview

This week on the show we’re joined by William O’Leary!

Fans of Home Improvement will know him as Marty Taylor, but his robust resume also includes projects like Bull Durham, Hot Shots!, The X-Files, CSI: Miami, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, and more.

This conversation touches on O’leary’s early days on set, his memories from the show, and what made Home Improvement so special. He also discusses some of his other well known projects.

The episode is available for download here.

Home Impodcast After Dark: Goodbye, Toby

Due to travel, we were unable to record a traditional Home Impodcast episode this week. But fear not, we’ve got something to satisfy your insatiable thirst for content!

This week we’re talking The Office, specifically the episode entitled “Goodbye, Toby.” Topics discussed include: favorite episodes, who we most identify with on the show, Robert California, and spin-offs.

The episode is available here.

We’ll be back next week with regularly scheduled programming.

Episode 131 – Al’s Video

This week on the show, Adam and Jordan discuss the bummer that is Al’s Video. They also talk Tim Allen on The Office and old screen names, before revealing the final results of their 2019 Home Improvement recasting.

Once all that is said and done, the dudes are joined by two very special guests…their mothers! That’s right, it’s a “Salute to Moms” on Home Impodcast.

The episode is available for download here.

Episode 130 – Burnin’ Love

This week on Home Impodcast:

  • The dudes recast Home Improvement with 2019 actors and things get wild.
  • There is an in-depth of analysis on “Burnin’ Love.”
  • Jordan talks about selling his car to some random guy that walked by his house and Adam ran a 5K and refuses to let it go.

The episode is available for download here.

The Twilight Zone – Patreon Exclusive

Another month, another Patreon bonus episode preview! This time we chatted one of our favorite TV shows of all-time, The Twilight Zone. In the podcast, we talk about an episode featuring Home Improvement guest star alum Jack Elam called “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?”

In our short preview, we rank some of our best and worst episodes of The Twilight Zone as a whole. You can listen here.

The full episode goes in-depth on Jack Elam’s performance, how scared of aliens we might be, and the time one of these actors showed up in Houghton Lake, Michigan. To get the full episode and bonus episodes each month, support us for $1 a month on Patreon. Thank you to all of you who already do. It means the world to us.

The Santa Clause

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, and Adam and Jordan discussing the Tim Allen holiday hit, “The Santa Clause.” What more could you ask for?

In this elongated ep, the boys talk about the timeless nature of the film, ask some logistical questions, and discuss what they want for Christmas.

If you’re wondering what to get us for the holiday…our pledge drive is still accepting donations and you can always rate and review us on iTunes.

The episode can be downloaded here. It is also available on iTunes.