On this week’s show, Adam and Jordan get a ‘lil silly as they work their way through Much Ado About Nana. Topics discussed include: the cancellation of Last Man Standing, Jill acting like a child, and Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume Two.

The episode is available for download here. It can also be accessed via iTunes.


One thought on “Episode 45 – Much Ado About Nana

  1. I watch last man standing alot. It has re runs near supper time. If u watch a few times u will c how Tim and son in law have opposing views on almost everything but have to get along because of the daughter and grandson. There is sarcasm and humor and family time. Nothing too deep, but often a message. Sometimes that is a good thing. Alice show was an old sitcom in a diner. I didn’t really watch but remember commercials. In the home improvement episode I just wanted to say to jill- tell your mom how u really feel! Communicate! I remember the Colonel in upcoming episodes. He wasn’t on as much as Nana. Good episode. Good work, Jordan and Adam.


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