One thought on “Episode 60 – Feud for Thought

  1. Good episode, guys. Made me reminiscent of high school reunions and babysitting frustrations. Not always great memories there. Don’t put too much pressure on Katie. The whole group of class officers is supposed to deal with reunion details. That is why senior yr office holders have such important jobs. It never ends! As far as having a teacher there, I can only imagine inviting maybe the class sponsor who would have been a well liked person. Someone the whole class chose and was involved in homecoming and graduation and someone with special ties to that class. While i have some high school friends I keep in touch with, I am not big on reunions. I have been to a couple. I am reminded of a time regarding babysitting that dad and I went away and for some reason we left my brother, Greg, in charge. A bachelor with no idea of that job. I found out later, we could probably have left u all alone as u did what u wanted to and, Jordan, I think u didn’t even get to school. There r a few do overs I need from those years! Glad Irma wasn’t too mean to you!


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