Episode 37 – Bell Bottom Blues

After a week away, Adam and Jordan return with the ever-trippy, Bell Bottom Blues. Topics discussed include: Box city, belt collections, and whether or not Patricia Richardson knows she’s on a TV show.

We apologize for the lackluster sound quality this week. We are doing everything we can to improve it.

The episode is available for download here. It is also accessible via iTunes.


Episode 35 – Abandoned Family

On this installment of Home Impodcast, Adam and Jordan introduce the Home Improvement trade deadline bonanza, talk about Jill’s insanity, and note some interesting life-hacks.

The episode can be downloaded here. It is also available via iTunes.

Episode 16 – Jill’s Birthday

Home Impodcast Podcast - Home Improvement Episode Jill's Birthday

On episode 16 of Home Impodcast, Adam and Jordan discuss the puzzling “Jill’s Birthday.” They ponder whether or not it is acceptable to forget a significant other’s bday, go behind the scenes with an article from Mental Floss, and discuss waist sizes. We also find out what game show they consider to be “hands down” the best.

The episode can be downloaded here. It is also available on iTunes.

Episode 11 – Look Who’s Not Talking

On our eleventh episode, we do our own public speaking while Jill struggles with it, mightily, in “Look Who’s Not Talking.” Also, Tim and Mark dress as women and laughs ensue! Topics include: a poorly written article on teenage hunks, fathers, milkshakes, and Jordan’s insecurities.

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The episode can be downloaded here. It is also available via iTunes.

Episode 7 – Nothing More Than Feelings

Hump day is upon us, which can only mean one thing– a new edition of Home Impodcast. On this week’s show, Adam and Jordan talk “Nothing More Than Feelings,” the seventh episode of the production run. Perhaps the most humorous 22 minutes the series has boasted thus far… or perhaps not.

The two also discuss celebrity circus shows, crying during sporting events, and what pieces of literature they’ve read of late. Entertainment Weekly has called “Nothing More Than Feelings” one of their best episodes to date.

Click here to download. The episode is also available on iTunes.