On the eighth episode of Home Impodcast, Adam and Jordan put the eighth episode (no coincidence) of the series, “Flying Sauces,” under the microscope and it does not disappoint! Topics discussed include: Tim Allen on Fallon, sibling pranks, bathrobes, and the possible existence of aliens and the extraterrestrial.

Click here to download. The episode of also available on iTunes.

One thought on “Episode 8 – Flying Sauces

  1. You may hear more than u want from me in my response to this week’s episode. First, no matter what the sound quality, u make me laugh and I love listening! Kudos to Adam for thinking of female listeners in the Bits of Wisdom. We deserve respect. Ha. I have heard Tim’s stand up comedy and his books r beyond my comfort level in raunchiness. In this episode, I am reminded maybe too much of big brothers power/ meanness to little brothers. I will add Jordan looked fine in his robe. It was a gift from someone. I am also in awe of people’s trivia knowledge regarding cars, music, etc. I will say the I like Last Man Standing, Tim’s current sitcom. It has some good moments but cannot match Home Improvement. For the question of the week: no, there r no aliens! You can enjoy and appreciate Sci Fi without believing in aliens. Finally, great job today! Can’t wait for more!


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